Arshad Khan was born in Pakistan 1963 in the province of Punjab. In his early days his dream was to excel in sports. Being a key player in field Hockey  and later played semi professional in the game of cricket,  which he later left after achieving his first step towards  a career in Graphic design and painting. 

Being the owner of a creative mind he joined Fine Arts department at The University of Punjab in 1987. 
After graduating in 1992 his destiny led him to move to Denmark to join his wife and first born child. Here his struggle started in a new country where he joined the field of graphic designing and later opened his own Design Company Artplus Aps. Throughout his journey of life his passion and love for art still prevailed and started to emerge again.

His art is a journey depicted from real life experiences in an attempt to lead the viewer through and beyond the primary dimensions.

He has divided this journey  into different chapters where the title of his first chapter is ''walking through dimensions''

His choice of medium includes water color/akvaral, Oil color and photography.

His artistic expression is strong, bold and colorful and uses Surrealism and symbolisme in his art work.

'' Thinking about Thinking is Infinity.

Infinity is Thinking about Thinking ''

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